A responsive, agile team, who is

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Mathias d’Estais
Innovation & Intellectual Property

After working for 4 years in an industrial design agency, and obtaining patents personally, he decided to make innovation his core trade, and founded Capital Innovation.

His atypical career path through physics, computing, industrial property and standards, has a strong influence on the methodologies used at Capital Innovation.

Jean-Yves Corbin
Conception & Design

Head of Product design at InterDesign for 10 years, he worked on consumer electronic products and medical products, toys, furniture, etc.

He was with Mathias d’Estais at the founding of Capital Innovation that he joined permanently in 2000. The many projects that he has led have fed the technical and design creativity and culture that he uses to bring innovation to life.


Complementarity in the project team is a necessity!
… but it is also necessary to have a common bedrock for positive interaction and for genuine sharing on the focuses of the projects.

Both internally and also with its clients and service providers, Capital Innovation builds relationships of the partnership type.
Everyone is involved, and is free both to propose and also to express objections. This is a major factor in the successful outcome of innovation projects.

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DECATHLON – Sportswear creativity


> An team that is agile, built on a bedrock of shared skills and complementary dominant features.

TIGEX – Co-led user group


> Semiotics, industrial property, electronics, and mocking up: four consultants who work very closely with the team.

DG Joustra – Testing a pottery prototype in the workshop


> The client is brought into an experience where a relationship of trust becomes self-evident.

DAMART – Audit of a factory in Portugal


> Establishing trust with the industrial subcontractors makes it possible to take the project further.

Multi-sector clients

Twenty years of innovations constitutes an astonishingly fertile substrate.

When a project is submitted to us, connections with other markets, other projects, and other experiences always emerge…

Each of these connections enlightens the thinking processes and enables us to see further, more quickly.

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