In 25 years time, Capital Innovation has created nearly a hundred innovative products in various fields (toys, household appliances, sports, cosmetics, health and many others).

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In 2022, Capital Innovation has decided to focus on the health sector to emerge as the specialist in user-oriented product design.

With this orientation, Capital Innovation intends to maximize its impact and offer inventors, start-ups, small and medium-sized companies and large corporations, a transversal design service to accelerate the transition from idea to market and maximize the chances of success of projects.

Ergonomics & design of medical devices

Capital Innovation is an innovation agency that has acquired top-flight experience
in Human Factors, research, design and look & feel of medical devices. Users, be they patients or practitioners, are placed at the core of the conception and design process, resulting in high quality and complying with the ergonomics and usability criteria required by the relevant Standards (EN 62366, EN 60601).
Capital Innovation works to create and design innovative products dedicated both to the general public and to professionals.
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Medical devices are increasingly numerous and complex.
They are aimed at health professionals whose skill levels are varied, but also cater more patients themselves particularly in the context of self-administered treatments.
The use of these devices should be as intuitive and secure as possible and requires consideration from the design criteria of usability.

Study by Capital Innovation for CROSSJECT

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The purpose of the norms relating on the ability to use the medical devices is to limit the risks associated with the handling of medical devices by users.  These risks are mainly related to problems of physical ergonomics, cognitive and organizational (EN 62366, 60601).

Usability Norm : THE KEY POINTS
A product’s usability in a contexte of a « normal » use

Optimize ease of use through the design process by seeking 5 qualities :

Our clients

From being a Start-Up to being part of a Large company

Capital Innovation performs for various clients in the medical field, in areas as diverse as chronic disease self-administration treatment, operating room equipment or treatment and waste management of healthcare activities.

This comprehensive knowledge of the universe of healthcare allows us to be fully operational on each application and wear a fresh look, enriched by outside medical experiments and activities.